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Rocket Signs offers free design service for prospective and existing customers. It's really important to have a professionally designed sign because a sign that can't be read from a distance, or is ineffective, is a waste of your hard-earned money.

Rocket Signs uses a proven formula for readability and effectiveness to ensure you're going to get the best results possible from your sign(s). Using complicated online design apps will only yield a do-it-yourself appearance and cookie cutter templates are usually pretty bad and don't automatically accommodate your copy.

Are you likely to re-order a sign(s) that didn't get you results? Of course not! So if the sign(s) doesn't work for you, it doesn't work for us either.
Free Design Service includes...

Up to 3 separate layouts
Up to 9 total revisions
Online proofing

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TIP: We suggest keeping copy to a minimum, however if you aren't sure if something would be better left off, you are welcome to include all the copy you want below and the design team will make recommendations about removing some text if it is necessary to keep the sign readable.

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