Have your sign designed by an EXPERT. (For free)

If you receive your sign(s) and it ends up being ineffective and you don't get the results that you were expecting, you are unlikely to order from us again. For that very reason, it's in our best interests to ensure your success with our products.

If your sign(s) doesn't work for you, it doesn't work for us either. We depend on our customers' repeat business and we go the extra mile to make sure you'll keep coming back. One of the ways Rocket Signs does this, is by offering free expert design service.

Because a sign that can't be read from a distance, or is ineffective, is a waste of your hard-earned money (and a sure fire way to lose your business), Rocket Signs uses a proven formula for readability and effectiveness to ensure you're going to get the best results possible from your sign(s).

Don't waste time with any of the online web-based sign design apps. They usually yield unprofessional do-it-yourself results because as complicated as they are, they are no match for real graphics industry software and an experienced designer. And the templates that you may find on the web won't automatically accommodate the copy that you have. Templates are not a one size fits all solution. And besides, many of the templates are simply horrible.

Our design service is a $60 per hour value and we're offering it free for prospective customers and those who are planning on ordering.

Up to 3 unique layouts and up to 9 total revisions included! (1 unique layout and up to 3 revisions for full color photograpic designs)

If you're ready to take advantage of this service, be sure to read the complete terms and condtions and then click on "Design My Sign" at the top of the page to request a design.

More info: Complete terms and conditions